A string of seven unique cultural actors make up Kulturstrøget; a route through the center of Roskilde.

Kulturstrøget, which runs parallel to Roskilde’s main street Algade, is a green oasis stretching from Roskilde Library and Roskilde Monastery past Roskilde Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde Art Association, Roskilde Cathedral and ending at the town's Community house.

Kulturstrøget is a part of the active life in Roskilde and contributes to the town’s exciting and dynamic center for trade and culture. Throughout the year you will find the best that art and culture can offer for children and adults alike, as we invite you to lots of thrilling events. Everything is within walking distance, offering multiple fine reasons to slow down and explore the places and streets. Or you can try one of the many cafés. Life is simply much better with coffee or ice cream.

Roskilde Cathedral

Height: 83m
Finished: 1985

Roskilde Cathedral has been the burial church for the Royal Danish family through centuries and is also featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The red-bricked cathedral with the many chapels and church-porches provides a unique insight into Danish architecture and history through 800 years.

Inside the cathedral you can see a model of the tomb that will eventually serve as Queen Margrethe II and the Prince Consort’s grave. The tomb is designed by the acclaimed, Danish artist Bjørn Nørgaard and is exhibited in St. Birtgitte’s Chapel. Roskilde Cathedral functions as both a parish church and tourist attraction, and as a space for a large amount of services, religious ceremonies and local activities suitable for both children and adults.

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Roskilde Museum

Roskilde Museum in Sankt Ols Stræde is located in two historic buildings - Sukkerhuset (The Sugarhouse) and Liebes Gård (Liebe’s Yard). Sukkerhuset was built between 1761-63 for the purpose of sugar production and is now the only building left of its kind. Liebes Gård was built by merchant Jacob Borch around 1800 and is named after the Liebe-family who lived there until 1900.

The cultural history of Roskilde and the surroundings are told by the Museum through exciting archeological findings and artifacts. It is the story of one of Denmarks oldest and most important towns. The permanent collections are supplemented by changing special exhibitions, as well as talks, events and activities for all ages.

At the museum you will find a shop and a cosy café for lunch and coffee. The permanent collection are closed until the summer of 2017, when it opens with a new interactive design.

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Roskilde Library

Roskilde Library offers a meeting place with free access to knowlegde for all. Throughout the year you will find cultural events for children and adults, with a focus on learning, literature and experiences. Roskilde Library is visited by more than 600.000 guests every year and our librarians are happy to help you with any enquiries. At the library you can use the study zone, the kids section, the music section, and of course visit the cosy café and enjoy coffee, cake and the daily newspapers.

Here is also Roskilde Archives, consisting of three local archives and a city archive, and the library’s free internet café, where a supervisor can help with most IT-related problems.

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Community house

The Community house of Roskilde is the city's modern hall, made for both citizens and to serve as a community hall. Here, there is room for both larger public meetings, temporary exhibitions and intimate networking meetings, and it also serves as a place to start new initiatives. The building previously housed Roskilde Town Hall as well as jail cells and the local bank. The Community house has since grown quite large - more than 3.000 m2, that you and the rest of the city are free to use for both planned and unplanned meetings. If you wish to see the interior or ask any questions, there is a guided tour once a week on Wednesdays at 5.30 PM.

Visit House of Roskilde

Roskilde Art Association

Roskilde Art Association was founded in 1940 and is now housed inside Kunsthuset Palæfløjen. Each year you can experience 8 - 14 temporary exhibitions with a focus on visual arts. Furthermore you can participate in a series of lectures and cultural activities in Palæfløjen, where Roskilde Art Association have been located since 1991. During the summer you can also visit different sculpture exhibitions or listen to concerts in the “Palæ” garden.

Visit Kunsthuset Palæfløjen

Roskilde Monastery

Height: 83m
Finished: 1985

For more than 300 years Roskilde has housed a rarity; the protestant convent originally know as Roskilde Convent for Noble Virgins. The convent is situated at the site of the Black Friar Monastery built in 1231 and is now a big part of Danish cultural history due to it’s history, architecture, art and library. You can experience Roskilde Monastery by signing up for a guided tour. Here you'll see the beautifully preserved church and the grand hall, with its ceiling of 60 panels depicting stories from the Bible.

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Museum of Contemporary Art

Roskilde's Museum of Contemporary Art revolves around the newest expressions of contemporary art, both Danish and internationally. This includes sound, performance, video and digital art, all of which have been contributing to the new concepts of art in past decades. Exhibitions and communication of the contemporary art take place both inside and around the museum.

Each year The Museum of Contemporary Art emerges into a new theme. One that is both relevant to the local community, but also shows our globalized world and how closely connected we are across borders and cultures. The theme for 2016 was migration and the theme for 2017 focus on global economies. In short, contemporary art is a projection of our current time, but also shows the meaning of something new. The museum also has a movie club too that exhibits free movies once a month.

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Kreativt hus for børn

Den gamle klosterforvalterbolig i Algade 31 blev i 2018 omdannet til Kreativt hus for børn.

Stedet er børnenes vej ind til Roskildes mangfoldige kulturliv. Her kan børn og deres voksne møde musikken, billedkunsten, litteraturen, filmen og scenekunsten. Der er både drop-in aktiviteter uden tilmelding samt workshops, koncerter og filmvisninger, der kræver tilmelding.

Husets aktiviteter er primært målrettet de 4 – 10 årige, både når de kommer med børnehaven, skolen eller voksne med relation til barnet.

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